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Hi, My name is Jamie.

I believe that women who love their bodies define their future.

With over ten years of counseling experience, my passion for guiding women to transform their relationships with their bodies was the aftermath of my own eight-year battle with infertility. During those years, I felt lost, disconnected, and full of shame and guilt.

But this pilgrimage launched me into a deep appreciation for my body and its function as my source of intuition, creativity, and power. And I felt compelled to lead others to experience the same.

Today I am a Body Wisdom Teacher & Healer who has worked with women for over seven years to shed layers of trauma, interrupt harmful patterns, and free themselves from societal expectations... to reveal their true Wild Soul.

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Order of the Empress (online community)

Radical Women Sacred Circle

(4-day retreats)

Radical Woman

Sound Healing

One-on-one guidance that will uncover reserves of power, confidence, and passion that you didn't realize you had. If you're ready to drop the layers of guilt & shame and step fully into the world with purpose, this is where you start!

(Available in person, phone, or virtual)

Guided meditations set to the healing sounds of a variety of beautiful instruments including drums, crystal & bronze singing bowls, bells, Kalimba, Ocarina, tongue drum, and vocal chanting. All instruments played by me.

(In-person only)

Sacred feminine mystery school meets support group. At each gathering, you'll experience connection, and support like no other while deepening your own relationship with parts of you that are begging to be seen.

A gathering of like-minded, magical women ready to dive deep into the journey of creating a life truly inspired by connecting with thier own divinity.

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Meet Jamie Howard:

Healing the Wild Soul is about remembering who you were before you were told whom you're supposed to be and healing the trauma that's caused by those expectations.

In 2008, everything was going according to plan: I had a great career and a wonderful husband, and we were excited to start a family.

Months and then years went by and I wasn't getting pregnant. Every doctor's appointment brought more questions than answers. For the next 8 years, we struggled to understand meanwhile, I retreated further into myself, drowning in the guilt of knowing that I was the one ruining my husband's chance at being a father. It became clear that no matter how hard I wished and prayed and hoped my body simply wasn't doing what I wanted.

So, late on a Saturday night in a puddle of tears, I stood at the mirror and glared at myself with red-hot rage, hurling hateful judgments at the woman staring back at me.

"You are broken and absolutely useless. The one thing your body is designed to do and you can't get it right. If you're not here to be a mother, then why be here at all?"

That last question rang in my head as I stared at the woman in the mirror, expecting her to answer me. And then she did. In a moment of what can only be described as divine intervention, that woman in the mirror softened her face and said, "Right question. Wrong attitude."

So, I took a deep breath and asked again, "If I'm not here to be a mother in the traditional sense, then why am I here?"

What followed that night was a deep dive into what it means to be a woman, a healer, a leader, and yes... a mother. I found myself shedding layers of conditioning, judgments, and limiting beliefs to find a version of me that not only loved my body but acknowledged Her as my source of intuition, creativity, and power. I wasn't broken, what I'd been through was teaching me how to help other women develop this nourishing connection with their own body's wisdom, allowing them to create a life of purpose and inspired action. And so Wild Souls Healing was born.

Since 2016, I've been helping women rediscover, and heal their Wild Soul using my teaching, counseling, and leadership experience from a 13-year career in education. I have connected with women from all over the world and created a powerful community of radical transformation. I have a B.S. in education, an M.Ed in counseling, and certification in Meditation, Sound Healing, Hypnobirthing, and Life Coaching.

To this day, my husband and I do not have any human children. But we are a complete and whole family. And oh, how I have enjoyed stepping fully into my purpose as a different kind of Mother in a way I couldn't have imagined. We are living our best lives on our 3-acre homestead with our delightful and ever-entertaining four-legged children, Cooper & Lando. And each morning I look at the woman in the mirror and say, "Thank you for seeing me."

Brown Crumpled Tape Ripped at Both Ends
Brown Crumpled Tape Ripped at Both Ends
Brown Crumpled Tape Ripped at Both Ends

Wild Souls Healing Events:

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Washi Tape

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I found my voice. I've learned how to make myself a priority. I've learned how to listen to others and understand their truth I've become more confident in myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually I feel like I've been reintroduced to myself... Jamie is a magical dragon fairy goddess who isn from this planet.

  • Amanda Thomason

Before working with Jamie, I was guarded: Constantly worried about what other people thought of me, and if I was ever going to be enough. After just a few sessions, I have since experienced an awakening of self. I am more centered, open, and at peace. I am setting time aside to get to know myself again and it feels so good! This is my time!

  • Chela Dasher

Working with Jamie is the one place I feel safe enough to be truly vulnerable. I am able to offload difficult feelings & emotions, understand what they really mean and then continue my day feeling so much lighter. I have gained a much deeper understanding of personal & professional communication. Jamie is a mirror, guiding me through realizations that shine a light on through processes and behaviors that I'm ready to shift."

  • Courtney Gibbons

Wild Souls Healing

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Putnam County, Florida.

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